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by Kelly Howell

The Self Help Hypnosis Audio Book: WINNING! FEEL The PURE POWER of SELF CONFIDENCE! by Kelly Howell

Product Description

Whether you want to gain the winner's edge in sports or business, attitude is everything.

Self-confidence is the single most important resource you can draw upon to beat the competition, and exceed beyond your expectations.

When you feel self-assured, you are poised for victory.

People gravitate toward you and support you in reaching your goals, because a winning attitude radiates charisma.

Use this program to pump up self-confidence and unleash a powerful energy that will help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Subliminal messages are woven with theta waves to induce states of deep relaxation; here your subconscious mind is most receptive to change.

Theta has been identified as the ideal state for learning, and unlearning.

As you listen daily, youíll notice a dramatic increase in self-confidence.

Debilitating doubts will be replaced with positive thoughts and feelings.

Youíll feel ready to tackle any challenge.

The messages will be received by your subconscious where they have enormous power to help you achieve, succeed, and triumph.

This recording contains the following subliminal messages:

* I play to win

* I am a success

* I have unlimited stamina

* I am strong

* I feel great

* I am centered and focused

* I am enthusiastic and full of energy

* I revel in new challenges

* Iíve got what it takes to win

* I adjust effortlessly

* I do the right thing at the right time

* I am confident

* I believe in myself

* I achieve with ease

* I am highly skilled

* I trust my intuition

* I possess unlimited potential

* I am resourceful

* Iíve got the winning edge

* I know I will win, victory is mine!

This Brain Wave Subliminal has two tracks; both contain the exact same subliminal messages.

You can listen two ways.

Track 1: Meditation Music and Subliminal Messages Listen anytime!

Track 2: Meditation Music, Theta Waves, Subliminal Messages Use Headphones

Running Time: 60 minutes

Listen to both tracks anywhere or anytime over your stereo system.

While you wonít consciously ďhearĒ the subliminal messages, they will be received and absorbed by your subconscious.

For deeper subconscious programming,
and to receive the full benefits of Brain Wave Therapy,
Listen to Track 2 (the one without the piano overlay)
with headphones at a time and place when you will not be disturbed.

Allow yourself to simply drift and relax.

You might even fall asleep and take a refreshing nap.

Whether you fall asleep while listening or not, theta brain wave frequencies will induce heightened receptivity to the messages.

Theta brain waves have been identified as essential to learning and storing information in long-term memory.

Theta is the ideal state for subconscious reprogramming.

About the Author

Kelly, is internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. She's been actively involved in personal development and consciousness research for more than two decades and is recognized as a thought-leader in the field of personal transformation.

Over the years, she's worked in cooperation with eminent scientists, medical professionals, brain researchers and spiritual teachers to develop her groundbreaking transformational audio techniques. Her clinically proven Brain Wave Therapy CD's are embraced by both individual users and by medical professionals.

CLICK HERE To Get This Book and Over 177 More FREE!

"I expect to pass through life but once.
If therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do for any fellow being,
let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again"
~ Stephen Grellet

"Faith and Fear Share The Same Definition.
Believing that what you cannot see will surely come to pass.
Faith Attracts The Positive while fear attracts the negative."
~ Author Unknown

Be a person of FAITH and not fear.