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by Kelly Howell

The Self Help Hypnosis Audio Book: THE SECRET TO ATTRACTING WEALTH! by Kelly Howell

Product Description

Master the Secret to Attracting Wealth

Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Guided Meditation (Instructions)
3. Brain Wave Therapy (Subliminal) (Use With Head Phones)
4. Attract Wealth (Subliminal) (Use Anytime... Wind Chimes & Nature Sounds)

Note: Very Effective... The Results Are Profound.

Everyone lives in the world of their own beliefs and those beliefs have energy.

Your thoughts emit vibrations that literally act as magnets drawing to you people and circumstances that resonate with what you're thinking and feeling.

This two-part meditation takes you into a super-deep trance state called Deep Mind, where hypnotic metaphors help you breakthrough limitation.

You are guided to The Causal Plane, a very high plane of consciousness where what you visualize has incredible power to manifest.

At this level of mind, you become what you think you are, for truly your thoughts are creative.

In the days and weeks to come, you'll start attracting, ideas, opportunities and people to make your prosperity goals a reality.

The results are profound.

About the Author

With over 2 million audio programs in print, Kelly Howell is highly acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. She's been actively involved in personal development and consciousness research for more than two decades and is recognized as a thought-leader in the field of personal transformation.

In the early 1980's, Kelly began her research into the mind and it's potential as part of her own personal exploration. She began making personalized reprogramming tapes in her living room, and was astounded by the results. Seeing powerful changes in her life and her client's lives, lead to years of research and production. In 1990 she formed Brain Sync offering a wide range of CD's and mp3 downloads for meditation, healing, spiritual growth and mind expansion.

Over the years, Kelly has worked in cooperation with eminent scientists, medical professionals, brain researchers and spiritual teachers to develop her groundbreaking transformational audio techniques. Her clinically proven Brain Wave Therapy CD's are embraced by both individual users and by medical professionals.

In 2005 Kelly launched Theatre of the Mind podcasts as an experiment. She says, I started Theatre of the Mind with the idea that the more we understand the inextricable connection between thought and reality, the more power we have to transform ourselves, our lives and the world. My intention is to make it easier to deepen our understanding of Mind, and apply this knowledge to create real results."

Theatre of the Mind podcasts offer unprecedented access to some of the world s leading visionaries and consciousness researchers exploring mind expansion intuition, creativity and the many facets of human potential. Today, Theatre of the Mind consistently ranks in the iTunes Top 10 most downloaded Self-help, Health, and Alternative Medicine podcasts producing over 100,000 downloads per month.

CLICK HERE To Get This Book and Over 177 More FREE!

"I expect to pass through life but once.
If therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do for any fellow being,
let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again"
~ Stephen Grellet

"Faith and Fear Share The Same Definition.
Believing that what you cannot see will surely come to pass.
Faith Attracts The Positive while fear attracts the negative."
~ Author Unknown

Be a person of FAITH and not fear.