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Self Help Approaches for Obesity and Eating Disorders:
Research and Practice

by Janet D. Latner, PhD and G. Terence Wilson, PhD

The eBook: Self Help Approaches for Obesity and Eating Disorders: Research and Practice by Janet D. Latner, PhD and G. Terence Wilson, PhD

Product Description

With contributions from leading authorities,
this timely professional resource critically examines available
self-help treatments for weight problems and obesity,
binge-eating disorder,
bulimia nervosa, and
body-image disturbances.

Practical pointers are offered for guiding clients or patients toward safe, effective approaches that provide the right level of care, from fully independent strategies to treatments with higher levels of professional involvement.

Chapters review the strengths and limitations of commercial diets,
exercise programs,
support groups,
Internet resources,
adaptations of behavioral models,
and more, including strategies for long-term maintenance of weight loss.

Special topics include:

night-eating syndrome,
childhood obesity,
and coping with weight-related discrimination.

About the Authors

Dr. Janet Latner, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr. Latner joined the University of Hawaii in 2006. She was previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Her training in clinical psychology was at Rutgers University and at the Montefiore Medical Center. Her primary research interest is improving the understanding and treatment of eating disorders, obesity, binge eating and other dysfunctional eating behaviors.

Dr. G. Terence Wilson has been a member of the Rutgers faculty since 1971. In 1985 he was appointed Oscar K. Buros Professor of Psychology. In addition to his faculty duties in the professional school, he also served as director of clinical training in the Ph.D. program and chair of the psychology department. Dr. Wilson was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford (1976-77 and 1990-91) and visiting professor at Stanford University in 1980. A former president of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy (1980-81), his other honors include receipt of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Clinical Psychology from the Division of Clinical Psychology of the APA (1994), the Distinguished Contributions to Applied Scientific Psychology Award from the American Association of Applied and Preventative Psychology (1995), and election to the National Academy of Practice in Psychology. He is Director of the Rutgers Eating Disorders Clinic, and is editor of the international journal Behavior Research and Therapy.

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