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The Mind Map Book
How To Use Radiant Thinking To Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential!

by Tony Buzan

Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential.
Learn Exciting New Ways To Improve Your Memory,
Concentration, Creativity, Ability To Learn, And More.

The eBook: The Mind Map Book How To Use Radiant Thinking To Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential! by Tony Buzan

Product Description

The potential of the human mind is absolutely phenomenal, and Tony Buzan is one of the world's leading experts on how people can maximize their brainpower.

Now, in his most comprehensive book yet on the topic, Buzan reveals exciting new ways to improve one's memory, concentration, creativity, ability to learn, and more.

This idea-rich, relentlessly upbeat manual proffers graphic images as an aid to unlock creative thinking or clarify emotions.

Drawing loosely on brain research, learning theory and information science, English business consultant/TV personality Tony Buzan (Use Both Sides of Your Brain) and his brother Barry, a professor of international studies, first outline "radiant thinking," a method designed to enhance one's associative, nonlinear thought processes.

Next they explain how to create "mind maps"-colorful, structured, drawings, cartoonish or complex-as a tool to overcome mental blocks, organize ideas, brainstorm, strengthen one's memory and imagination, and make meetings more productive.

Despite its inflated claims and cluttered presentation, this unusual how-to, replete with exercises, quizzes, dramatic color photos of patterns in nature, and sample mind maps, will challenge and stimulate the open-minded.

About the Author

Anthony "Tony" Peter Buzan (born June 2, 1942) is an author and educational consultant. He is a proponent of the techniques of Mind Mapping and mental literacy. He claims to have worked with "corporate entities and businesses all over the world; academics; Olympic athletes; children of all ages; governments; and high profile individuals, in teaching them how to maximize the use of their brain power.

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