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Managing Intense Emotions and Overcoming Self-Destructive Habits

by Lorraine Bell

The eBook: Managing Intense Emotions and Overcoming Self-Destructive Habits by Lorraine Bell

Product Description

The treatment of personality disorder is a major concern facing current mental health services.

Managing Intense Emotions and Overcoming Self-Destructive Habits is a self-help manual for people who would meet the diagnosis of 'emotionally unstable' or 'borderline personality disorder' (BPD).

The title outlines a brief intervention that is based on a model of treatment known to be effective for other conditions, such as anxiety, depression and bulimia.

The manual describes the problem areas, the skills needed to overcome them and how these skills can be developed.

Areas covered include:

* The condition and controversy surrounding diagnosis of BPD Drug and alcohol misuse

*Emotional dysregulation and the role of thinking habits and beliefs

*Depression and difficult mood states

*Childhood abuse and relationship difficulties

It will be essential reading for people with BPD and professionals involved in their care psychologists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists and occupational therapists.

About the Author

Lorraine Bell is Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Portsmouth Healthcare NHS Trust. She has worked in adult mental health services for 20 years and specialises in the treatment of women with serious mental health problems.

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