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Handbook of Self-Help Therapies

by Patti Lou Watkins and George A. Clum

The eBook: Handbook of Self-Help Therapies by Patti Lou Watkins and George A. Clum

Product Description

This volume constitutes the first solidly research grounded guide for practitioners wending their way through the new maze of self-help approaches.

The Handbook of Self-Help Therapies summarizes the current state of our knowledge about what works and what does not, disorder by disorder and modality by modality.

Among the covered topics are:

self-regulation theory;
anxiety disorders;
childhood disorders;
eating disorders;
sexual dysfunctions;
problem drinking;
smoking cessation;
dieting and weight loss.

Comprehensive in its scope, this systematic, objective assessment of self-help treatments will be invaluable for practitioners, researchers and students in counseling psychology, psychiatry and social work, health psychology, and behavioral medicine.

About the Authors

Patti Lou Watkins, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor in the Women Studies Program at Oregon State University.

Dr. George A Clum, PhD, Psychology, Clinical Psychologist

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